miércoles, junio 22

Desde USA con amor

Oswald Sobrino, en su bitácora Catholic Analysis hace una serie de comentarios muy certeros sobre la manifestación del 18J.

Lo que más me ha gustado:

Again, we have a similar left-wing pattern seen in other nations, including the United States: instead of focusing on the economic well-being of workers, the focus is instead on the social/cultural innovations that are obsessively popular with the bourgeois intellectuals (or rather pseudo-intellectuals) who actually dominate leftist politics. Pushing through gay marriage is easier than wrestling with budgets and education. Ideological pandering to special interests replaces serious governance.

En realidad miento, lo que más me ha gustado es esto:

(...) and my personal favorite: Nada sin Dios meaning "Nothing without God." The true Spanish nation and genius took to the streets on June 18th.

Se refiere a la pancarta de los carlistas sevillanos, que me tocó llevar durante un buen trecho. Con sumo gusto, por supuesto.

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