jueves, septiembre 15

Spanish Inquisition

The churches were confiscated by the government. Not going to government-approved services was against the law, punishable by fine or imprisonment. You could not possess the sacred vessels used at a Catholic Mass. Harboring a priest might get you jailed or even executed. Just being a Catholic priest and being in the country meant you might very well be hunted by law enforcement agents aided by paid government informers. And if the priest was caught, it was very likely that he would be tortured to make him abjure the Faith or implicate others, then hanged until numb, split stem to stern and his intestines cut out and burned before his eyes, his heart cut out, his head cut off, his limbs quartered (either by being chopped off or pulled apart by horses) and the parts, especially the head, stuck on pikes to rot in some prominent public place.

No, not in Communist China, but in Elizabethan England.

Es parte de una entrada en Recta Ratio acerca del ambiente de persecución contra la Iglesia que se empieza a vivir en el mundo anglosajón.

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